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Oh, what the hell? Some SetoRyuuji

Your mother has made faker LJ cuts than this:

Standoff: Held at gunpoint on the rooftop of a building and waiting to get blown far into the other way from heaven is no way to spend an afternoon. ) -- I, ah, wrote this tonight. Forgive teh crappeh-ness.

( Dead End: If you find it in your heart to do a favour of killing your boyfriend's father, it is better to warn your boyfriend so he doesn't get in the way. Ryuuji's father POV; SetoRyuuji; Humour ) -- This only here because motivateme129 liked it, that is all.

Father's Day: Wow, another fic by Ego that emphasises a poor father and son relationship. Here, Ryuuji's indifference could prove lethal for his father. Onshot. Some swearing. Ryuujicentric. ) -- I don't remember why I wrote this. It may be good I don't remember.

There. Nap time. See you! ^_______^
*trots off*

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