Bethany Ng (relinquished972) wrote in sweet_n_tart,
Bethany Ng

Hi guys!

I'm back with a fic challenge! It's a threesome one, for those of you who are daring enough. And I know you guys are!


1) It has to be either Taintshipping (SetoxRyouxNoa) or SetoxRyouxYami(Yugi) - I can't believe this shipping doesn't even have a proper name!

2) It has to have a happy ending (just a weird thing I have for them)

3) It can be either multi-chapter or one-shot. I WOULD prefer multi-chapter.

4) No PWPs. Must have a plot.

As for what happens, it's up to you to decide.

How to submit your entry:

1) Comment on this and tell me you're going to enter

2) Submit your entry, preferably as an attachment through email. If not, a link will suffice.

Closing date: 4th January

Extensions: only two weeks. You must email me in order to receive an extension. I'm fairly lenient about these things, but you have to have a good reason for wanting one.

Prize: A fic ...? I honestly don't know yet. You'll find out.

ENJOY the challenge, you guys!

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