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um. inexplicable, microscopic harry potter slash?

labels very, very light slash; OOC; drabble; oneshot; pg

...This is nearly a real drabble. It's so short, I've nothing to say about it. Oh, and implied D/H, because I can.

Mad Tea Party

And it was midnight.

Draco pauses to finger the handle of the teacup before pushing it away distastefully. Chill was inevitable and the wind certainly had plans tonight. Miffed, he eyes the remaining contents of the tray with nothing short of scorn before turning to look at Harry.

“Potter, you uncultured slob.”

“Yes, Malfoy?”

“Tea time is always at four. Always.”

Harry shoots him a smile that looks something like a grin and dumps a serving of sugar into his tea. He stirs with the same spoon. “I don’t know, I kind of like this.”

Draco gives him an indignant look, mutters obscenities under his breath, and reaches for the milk.


Finished August 11, 2004.
111 words.

Just...ignore me.


*begins screaming and whacking surreal_sanity over the head with a teddy bear* !

*stares at the layout for an incomprehensible amount of time* My god. *hugs surreal_sanity*

fickle_goddess, I must say that I adore your presidential icon :) Very amusing. Thank you very much for the Dangershipping pieces as well. I haven't been doing so hot in writing, anyhow.

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