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I'm evilcourtney, or just Courtney...or Courts or whatever. I'm glad to meet you all! In the fandom I'm a yaoi and shounen-ai addict, although I love a bit of yuri or shoujo-ai. I generally stick to the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom, although I'm not at all adverse to Gravitation or most anime fandoms in general. I enjoy spelling and procrastination. If you'd like to know more about me, stalk me, or kick me, etc... Just feel free to interrogate, email and/or visit my livejournal. All are welcome.
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Welcome Courtney! Happy to have you in the community. ^_^
Thanks! Glad to be here.
'Ello governor ^_~ Or in normal speak...

Hey ^_^ Welcome to the community! YGO shounen ai/yaoi is gooood, as is yuri, but I'm not so into that myself ^^ (Nurseshipping is cute though XD)
What pairings do you like? ^_^ *stalks, kicks and goes to check out LJ* I'm an extremist ^_^
Yay! Someone kicked me!
I'm a bit of a crackpairing fan. I adore Bakura/Ryou, Seto/Ryou, Bakura/Marik, Marik/Ryou, Noa/Mokuba, Otogi/Ryou, Bakura/Otogi, Seto/Shizuka, Seto/Otogi, Otogi/Jou, Bakura/Esper, Seto/Jou and anything with kickass!Anzu in it.
*stops for breath*
You should feel so proud XD
Yay, Anzu fan ^_^! Randomness pairings, I'm just all for the traditional Yami/Yugi, Seto/Jou, Bakura/Ryou, Malik/Mariku, Honda/Otogi XD

Also like Seto/Possessed Jou, yet have to actually FIND any XD
Yes! Possessed Jou is the best! *has weird thing for possessed-by-Marik-people*

Deleted comment

Ooo! *is glomped* It's a lovely icon, ne? Made by lilchibi. She makes good icons.
Whee! I am happy. ^.^
Yay! *happy with you*