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Welcome to Sweet 'n' Tart, the LJ community dedicated to all things slash, yaoi, and shounen-ai. I'm Neko-chan, the creator and moderator.

This community, as mentioned, is a place for fans of slash, shounen-ai, and yaoi to come together to talk about all things boi/boi. (Still don't know what that means? Slash, shounen-ai, and yaoi all refer to romantic and/or sexual interest between two males. To put it bluntly? It's homosexuality. Got it? Good.)

Sweet 'n' Tart was created for the sole purpose of fans to come together to talk, post fanfiction/RP (real person) slash, original works, fanart, etc. There's no specific fandom of this community--anime, real person, manga, original, book, whatever floats your boat~ Anything (and everything!) is more than welcome here.

Yuri and shoujo-ai (same thing as yaoi and shounen-ai, except with girl/girl) is also welcome here, though the majority of the fans will probably be shounen-ai fans. ^^

Enjoy your stay!

Neko-chan ~ nekochancutecat
C-chan ~ surreal_sanity
Ninetails (AKA: Uke-chan) ~ dna_anubis



*When you join, please have an introductory post so that we will know who you are and can adequately welcome you. =^^=

*Quizzes go behind LJ-Cuts and must have at least something to do with this community's subject matter. NO exceptions.

*Fanfiction/written works must be LJ-cut.

*Fanart must be LJ-cut for the sake of the members with slower internet connection.

*Anything rated R or higher MUST have a warning.

*There will be no discrimination whatsoever. Trolls and people who cause problems will be automatically banned.

*No off-topic posts. Those go in your OWN LiveJournal.


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