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Seto/Ryuuji -- J.A.Z.Z.

*ish spamming people's flists--ish sadistic*

Title: J.A.Z.Z. (Just Another Zzzzz Zzzzz ^~)
Author: Ego-chan
Pairing: Seto/Ryuuji
Fandom: Yuugioh
Theme: #9 Dash, #30 Kiss
Disclaimer: Well, since this fic has drained me of the majority of my writing stamina and "profound" wit, I will merely tell you that I do not own Yuugioh (or Yugioh, Yuugiou, Yugio, YGO, or Yuugay-o, etc…). Want to know why? Ask Takahashi-sama; seeing as he does own a great deal.

J.A.Z.Z. (a link to my writing journal where the fic is currently located)

x-posted to (regards of how it bugs the crap outta everyone >7 *insert evil laughter*): sweet_n_tart (because not much happens in the community), kaiba_otogi, </span>ygo_writers, & 30_kisses.</span></span>

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