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Layout Update : Yuyu Hakusho

Alrighty then. I suppose them Gravvie kids are tired of standing there looking scrumptious for you all. Now I shall give Kurama and Hiei the job. XD

It's a little more lighter than I normally make my personal layouts. Of course the last one was a tad more purple. ^^;; But recently I've become a little bit more varied in the brightness of them. Perhaps the dark and brooding facade I keep is slowly wearing away - ::shrug:: But I digress...

Here it is, new icon and all. Hope it is to everyone's liking. If not, throw some plushies at me and tell me to change it. ;Þ

And yet again, I shall fade away into the working gears behind the page as I have nothing worthy of being posted in this wonderful community full of talented writers unlike myself as I have just so proven by leaving this rediculously long and unnecessary runon sentence.

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